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Toegye and Gobong Write Letters

by Young-doo Kim
Translated by Louis Choi


Toegye and Gobong Write Letters

is a unique look into the lives of two prominent Confucius scholars. This special edition of their letters highlights their personal struggles as civil servants and scholars. Set in the backdrop of the Four Seven debate, the greatest philosophical debate in Korean neo-Confucianism, these poignant letters have been carefully edited to limit the scholarly discussions making them more accessible to the Confucian neophyte. The touching, often sentimental letters beautifully portrays the relationship between two men who transcend social trappings and a strict hierarchical structure to freely express their fears, ambitions, and trepidations. Although written in the 16th century, these letters come alive and strike a chord with modern readers who unquestionably face the same dilemmas, the same paradoxical questions regarding moral behavior and civic duty.

288 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-89581-834-8
$30 - Softcover
$24 - eBook 
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